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2022 Summer Camp now enrolling!



This camp is a 6-hour drop-off program where your child will learn through nature and play. Language development, communication skills, arts, math, and sciences will all be explored when your child attends KiddoOne Learners Summer Camp. 

Through the sheer interest of your children, we work hand and hand with what can be explored daily in nature to build a curriculum that fits the child’s needs and academic ability. Through these daily practices and routines, children will strengthen their cognitive skills and physical abilities. 

Nature surrounds children every day and they cannot help but be curious about the world that surrounds them, for this reason, KiddoOne builds your child’s early education through nature and natural science. Our program is strongly based on nature exploration and underlines the necessities of early childhood education.  

Our KiddoOne 2022 Summer Camp is a beautiful 10 weeks long starting on June 6th and ending on Aug 12th. Throughout this time our little learners explore a new concept every week that is directly connected to nature exploration and their self-development. 

  • Positive self-images are essential for children’s developing minds, so KiddoOne Learners provides tools to enhance self-esteem through nature exploration lessons. 

  • The children develop a sense of relationship, comfort, and familiarity with their natural surroundings.

  • The children are aware that all living things communicate in different ways.

  • The children are aware that all living things communicate in different ways.

  • The children participate in healthy, seasonal, life-sustaining practices.

  • Fine motor skills will dramatically improve through projects that use materials that surround them. 

  • Gross motor skills such as balance, walking, and running will improve through daily stretches, games, and hikes. 

  • Brain development is explored through communication, language exploration, and dual-language opportunities  ​

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KiddoOne believes that education should be directed by the children. Interest and ability are constantly forming, and because of this, KiddoOne builds its curriculum to enhance what children find most interesting. Science, language, math, and critical thinking skills are being built in the KiddoOne Nature Camp. Learning hands on and KiddoOne Nature Camp produces a space that is fun, safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate to promote cognitive and physical growth. 

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Our vision here at KiddoOne Explorers Nature Camp is to introduce a natural interest and joy in learning. Producing students who have respect and admiration for nature and the world that surrounds them.  

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