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Playing in Sand

About KiddoOne

               KiddoOne was founded as a program that finds it necessary to introduce attributes that infants and toddlers are capable of accomplishing through daily routine. Harboring over six years of experience in outdoor nature education, we understand the necessity of teaching our students through an outdoor curriculum. At KiddoOne, curiosity is encouraged and our purpose is to have each child grow through life experiences and nature.


              As educators, we saw the necessity to build an environment that caters to children and their developing minds. Children between the ages of 1-6 are in need of outdoor exploration and outdoor education to strengthen brain development. Children are curious beings and unfortunately COVID-19 affected the natural curiosity that children harbor.


              Many families have been affected by COVID-19, this also hindered children and their overall development. Because COVID-19 caused us to stay indoors with only our closest companions, many children have experienced sensory overload when finally being exposed to outdoor life. This overexposure has caused many children to retreat and become introverted creating a lack of ability to communicate and be sociable. KiddoOne has created a space where children will be able to regain confidence in the environment and communication skills. Parents, watch as your child emerges from their shell and builds the ability to make friends.


              By reintroducing children and parents to a world they are already exposed to through creative outdoor adventures is a fantastic way for children to gain social skills and parents to help build a community environment. Natural environments inspire creative play, improve concentration, foster teamwork, cooperation, and improve overall physical, social and cognitive. providing a space where children can explore and learn is what we do best here at KiddoOne.


              The time spent outdoors creates a supportive community that encourages families to learn and play together. Parents will embark on nature adventures together with their children essentially benefitting the whole family’s health, happiness, appreciation for our planet.


Image by Gabby Orcutt

Image by Dave Clubb
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